NF2 Stories

We would like to hear your NF2 Journey, please send your text and photo by email to Gil.


A.J., now 7, was diagnosed at the age age of 6 with NF2.  He currently ...
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Donate in honour of Andrea Andrea Pelzer is an active, little dancer who loves both ...
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Donate in honour of Karen Karen is 11 years old. She was born in Mountain View ...
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The life of Keisha Petrus can be summed up as a 25-year battle with NF2 ...
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Donate in honour of Krizelle Krizelle was a 15-year old Filipino high school junior with ...
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Donate in honour of Laurel Laurel is a bright, creative, and vibrant 11 year old ...
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Margaret will turn 58 in December 2018.  Hers has been a life of soaring triumphs ...
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The Goddard Family

Donate in honour of Goddard Living in Surrey in the UK, Scott, Olivia and Zac ...
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