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unnamed-62Full of life, laughter, and brilliant are a few ways to describe our adorable eight year old daughter Sky.  Her love for life is obvious as she nurtures her pets: dogs, a giant tortoise, turtles, and many fish.  Her other favorite past times include wrestling with her three brothers and playing dress up with her mom.

Sky lights up any room that she enters.  People are drawn to Sky wherever she goes, and she has many friends at school and is very intelligent.  Applying makeup, dressing up, and dancing to TikTok videos are a few of her passions.  Spending time with animals and her family takes a high priority in her life.  When she grows up, Sky is planning to attend college in Paris to become a fashion designer.  Sky may look like a typical eight-year-old but there is one major difference, she has a life threatening illness called NF2.
Sky was 3 years old when she was diagnosed.  Currently, she has tumors in both ears, behind her eyes, brain, many on her spine, and a large tumor near her shoulder.  These tumors will cause deafness, blindness, paralysis, balance issues, chronic pain, and even death.
Currently, these tumors have not done irreversible damage.  However, it is a waiting game until this occurs.  We are in a race against time to save our daughter and many other children whose lives are destroyed by this devastating disease.  Please help us save all of the children with NF2.  We need treatment and we need a cure TODAY!

Donate in honor of Sky

Visit the Cars For Cure event page for Sky 

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