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NF2 BioSolutions UK is a registered charity in England & Wales. Registered charity number 1189618. Formed in 2020.

We are a non-profit, patient led organisation arm of NF2 Biosolutions, our purpose is to increase awareness of NF2, connect patients for support and offer hope to patients and their families. We are run entirely by volunteers. We provide a platform in the UK and Europe to raise awareness and funds towards seeking a cure or preventative treatment for NF2 by vigorously supporting and advancing existing and next-generation biomedical technologies, such as gene therapy and immunotherapy.

Ultimately, we envision a world where those living with NF2 will have access to cutting-edge solutions to live full and productive lives, free from daily physical and emotional pain or suffering.

About NF2

NF2 is a rare genetic disorder affecting approximately 1/35,000 individuals globally across all races, ethnicity, and genders. NF2 results in the growth of multiple tumours throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems, including schwannomas, meningiomas, and ependymomas. The cause of these tumours is a defect in the NF2 gene. The NF2 gene encodes for a protein called Merlin. Merlin functions as tumour suppressor that in healthy individuals prevents the growth of tumours. Tumours that grow on the hearing nerves, called vestibular schwannomas, affect almost all NF2 patients and result in hearing loss, severe balance problems, and facial paralysis. Other symptoms may include (but are not limited to) seizures, vocal cord paralysis, chronic pain, foot drop, tinnitus, spinal & optic tumours, and muscle atrophy. The only current treatment is surgery/radiosurgery which often results in loss of function of the involved nerve. Individuals with NF2 exhibit a wide range of phenotypic variability.

Our Trustees

Nicole Henwood M.D. President and CEO of NF2 Biosolutions

Dr.  Henwood is the mother of A.J. Henwood (age 7), a vibrant and loving child who was diagnosed in early 2018 with NF2.  She is a physician and did work during her college years at the University of Pennsylvania’s Institute of Human Gene Therapy.   

Gilles Atlan, Vice-President of NF2 Biosolutions

Gilles has 20 years of experience in the software industry, and currently works for SAP Labs as an Innovation Manager. Gilles’s daughter, Karen, was diagnosed at age of 6 due to a juvenile cataract. Today Karen is 11 and already has undergone 3 surgeries (2 eyes, 1 brain).

Gareth Evans, M.D., PhD

Professor Evans has established an international reputation in clinical and research aspects of cancer genetics, particularly in neurofibromatosis and breast cancer. He has developed a clinical service for cancer genetics in the North West Region of England, UK which is nationally regarded

Deian Owen, Treasurer

Deian is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor from South Wales, UK. Deian graduated in 2003 with a First Class Honours degree in Materials Science and Engineering, and also holds a Master of Research degree in Materials Engineering from The University of Wales, Swansea, UK.

Clare Goddard (Trustee, UK Ambassador, Charity Lead)

Clare works in the sales and marketing sector for new business strategy and operations. She is the NF2 Biosolutions charity lead and on the board of Directors of NF2 BioSolutions. Clare’s husband and 2 children have NF2. Please contact Clare on clare@nf2biosolutions.org

UK Charity Team

Joanne Ward

Joanne is Chief Operations Officer at NF2 BioSolutions UK, running the social media accounts, collaborates with organisations to expand our network, makes sure everyone has the fundraising resources they need and sends out our logo’d merchandise, to name but a few jobs! Joanne has NF2 and was diagnosed in 1999, she is a stay-at-home mum to 2 Boys, the youngest, Oscar, 10 has inherited NF2.

Please contact Joanne on joanne@nf2biosolutions.org

Kim Whitlock

Kim has NF2 and is a wife and mum to 3 and a qualified Nurse working at Addenbrookes Hospital on the Neuro wards. Kim also takes part in webinars and Patient focus groups.

Please contact Kim on kim@nf2bioslutions.org

Kerry Davies

Kerry was diagnosed with NF2 in 2015

Hannah Simpson

Hannah was 13 when she was diagnosed with NF2, which she inherited from her father. Hannah is a veterinary nurse and she worries that eventually when her hearing deteriorates, she won’t be able to do that anymore. She try to stay positive and informed on NF2 and she is lucky to have a loving and supportive family.

Please contact Hannah on hannah@nf2biosolutions.org

Diana Alexander

Diana is a busy mum living in London, she has NF2 as does the eldest of her 4 children.


Ebony Jade Barber

Hi I’m Ebony-Jade and I’m the Young Adult Ambassador for Wales. I work full time for a private hospital company and run my own small business. I was diagnosed with NF2 at the age of 14 and I’d love to raise more awareness for our condition! Let’s hope for a better future!

Deborah O Neil

Deborah is our Scotland Ambassador for NF2 Biosolutions. Deborah and her daughter live with NF2

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