To be an NBS Ambassador

NF2 is rare but it can touch anybody world-wide, across borders, across languages. To push for NF2 gene therapy research we need to reach more people, share the real potential of gene therapy and fundraise for accelerating research because no governments, or country, or hospital will do it for us. Other rare disease organizations have succeeded in raising millions of dollars for their own gene therapy research. We can do it as well.

See who we already have as ambassadors, if there is someone in your country, you can still join that person and be co-ambassador and team up, more brains, more power, more fun!

As an Nf2 BioSolutions ambassador in your own country/state, you need to:

  • be an experienced Facebook user and an experienced gmail user since this is our primary tools of communications.
  • be an NF2 patient, relative or friend of an NF2 patient, or be involve in NF2 care.
  • have a good understand of NF2, its symptoms, and its challenges.
  • understand the mission and goals of Nf2 BioSolutions.
  • be aware of the current research initiatives Nf2 BioSolutions is supporting.
  • research your NF2 local community and culture. Building support for NBS within the community.
  • be the local contact person, in your local language for Nf2 BioSolutions.
  • find a “buddy” , as a co-ambassador in your country so you can split the work and motivate each other.
  • reach out to NF2 patients and families in your local area, through social media or other channels and support NF2 BioSolutions, then build your own local network.
  • be willing to fundraise locally for NF2 BioSolutions, research the tax deductibility laws, identify the best local donation platform, and find creative ways to raise funds.
  • volunteer a few hours per week and find local team members to support you.

We need you as our ambassador, if you are interested please contact Gil.

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