NF2 BioSolutions Biobank

The NF2 Biobank is an open, ongoing collection of tissue samples and other biospecimens, including blood and bodily fluids donated by people with NF2. The Biobank has been developed by NF2 BioSolutions with the generous support of private donations and grants to accelerate NF2 research.

Because NF2 is a rare disorder, researchers are limited by the lack of available tissue with which to conduct research. Until recently, there has not been any substantial collections of NF2 tissue or body fluids to support ongoing or new research. The NF2 Biobank was established in Spring of 2022 and will provide researchers with invaluable medical and scientific information that will help understand and treat patients today, and hopefully find better treatments and a cure for NF2 in the future.

Why should you donate your biosample?

Research is the key to developing new treatments and cures for diseases, and researchers need tumor tissue and blood from NF2 patients to understand disease progression and speed early development of new drugs and therapies. As a rare disease patient and a Biobank donor, you will be directly contributing to NF2 research!

NF2 BioSolutions will direct samples immediately to previously approved researchers with the aim of furthering NF2 research.

How to Contribute

Upcoming surgery or doctor’s visit

If you have an upcoming surgery, or any planned visits or procedures that involve blood draws or fluid draining please click here to let our team know about your upcoming procedure. Please let our team know as early as possible.

If you have had surgery in the past

Tumor tissue that was taken during a previous surgery might be stored at the hospital where you were treated. This could include tissue from a biopsy, a surgical resection, or transplant. Please click here to provide information to our team about a prior surgery so that we may attempt to locate and obtain your tissue for the NF2 Biobank.

How does the process work?


Once you provide our team with information about your upcoming surgery or procedure, you will be asked to sign a Consent Form. This will allow our team to inquire about your upcoming surgery or procedure, or any tissue collected in the past. Additionally, this will give our team permission to collect any medical information from your doctor that may be directly relevant to the tissue or fluids you donate. Once this step is complete, your job is done. Our team will take care of contacting the hospital and coordinating the transfer of the tissue or fluids to the NF2 Biobank.

Please contact our team with your surgery or procedure information as early as possible. As soon as you provide us with information about your upcoming surgery or procedure we will be in touch with you. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions please reach out to our team.


If you are filling this form on behalf of someone else.

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