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NF2 UK charity

NF2 BioSolutions UK & Europe is a registered charity in England & Wales. Registered charity number 1189618


My name is Clare Goddard and NF2BioSolutions (NBS) have given me the privilege of heading up the UK arm of this incredible patient led organisation. I’m involved because my family have NF2, you can read more about them here.

In the UK we are very much a part of the global NF2BioSolutions organisation with the President of NBS (Dr Nicole Henwood) and Vice President (Gil Atlan) as our trustees.

We are honoured to have the support and great knowledge of Prof Gareth Evans on our medical advisory board as well as being a trustee.

Gareth Evans and Clare Goddard

UK Team and Trustees 

UK Team and Trustees

The Team

  • Clare Goddard – CEO 
  • Joanne Ward – COO 
  • Kim Whitlock – Ambassador 
  • Josh Whitlock – Tech Support 
  • Kerry Davies – Ambassador 
  • Diana Alexandre – Ambassador
  • Hannah Simpson – Ambassador
  • Ebony Jade Barber – Ambassador for Wales
  • Nicole Miller – Ambassador


  • Dr Nicole Henwood – President NBS
  • Gil Atlan – Vice President NBS
  • Professor Gareth Evans – Geneticist specialising in NF2
  • Deian Owen – NBS Global Treasurer
  • Clare Goddard Lead & Chair NBS UK

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