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Rare Disease Day Announcement Brings Attention to Genetic Disorder that Affects 1 in 25,000 Births

The Children’s Tumor Foundation and NF2 BioSolutions have announced a joint initiative to advance patient-focused research efforts for the neurofibromatosis type-2 (NF2) community. The collaboration, announced in recognition of Rare Disease Day, is focused on recruitment for two key resources: the NF Registry and the NF2 Biobank. The two organizations are working together to raise awareness of NF2 and to encourage robust participation in these two important tools, which will help increase scientific understanding of NF2, accelerate drug development of effective treatments, and lead to improved lives for NF2 patients. For more information…

Copy of Copy of Copy of Smiths' AnnualDue to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to postpone our April 3rd, NF2 Novel Therapies consortium in Boston.

We had 45 NF2 and Gene Therapy researchers and clinicians that were planning to attend from all over USA and europe.



Here below was our agenda:
*Welcoming statement +NF2 BioSolutions updates
*Patients perspectives – living with NF2
*Guests introduction (per group)

*Merlin targeted gene-based therapy approaches to NF2:

1. Clinical advances in CNS-directed gene therapy. From target to drug.
2. Current molecular understanding of NF2-associated Merlin mutations and their impact on protein function. Panel discussion.
3. Data Present/Plans from Nationwide group – Dr Meyer
4. Data Present/Plans from Mueller group – Dr Meijboom
5. Data Present/Plans from Dr. Castellano/Dr. Blanco
6. Group Discussion: Challenges/Milestones/Timelines

*Merlin-independent cell- and immuno-based therapy approaches to NF2:

1. Clinical advances in cell-based and immuno-based therapies.
2. Data Present/Plans from Gary Brenner and Sherif Ahmed + discussions
3. Discussion: Challenges/Milestones/Timelines

*Testimony living with NF2 + Coffee Break

*Cementing the basis for research and clinical studies through collaborations: Tumor bank, Biomarkers, Animal models and Natural History

1. Human Schwann Cell Model Systems for NF2. + Group discussion
2. Tissue Bank Kick off Discussion/stakeholder/partnership commitments + Group discussion
3. NF2 Animal models landscape. + Group discussion
4. Natural history study: NIH in action+ Group discussion
5. Discussion: Challenges/Milestones/Timelines

*New Approaches

*Next Steps

We hope we can reschedule the meeting asap once the pandemic is over. In the meantime we will continue to interact with the researcher remotely.

April 3rd 2020: Kickoff of the first Open-Access NF2 Tissue/Cell bank to accelerate Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 12.33.46existing research and attract new labs into the race of curing NF2. Today it is very complicated for a research lab to have access to NF2 tumors (frozen/fresh), cell lines and genome sequencing data. This initiative will solve the access problem, we are going to collect tissue sample from many surgeons, performing analysis on them and share the data as well as the tissues. NF2 Cell line will be created as well and shared. For more info go here.

Gene Replacement Therapy for NF2 is starting!

August 1st 2019NF2 BioSolutions signed a contract in July 2019 to partially fund a NF2 Kathrin MeyerGene therapy Pilot Pre-Clinical Study at the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital by Dr. Kathrin Meyer, who is serving as the Principal Investigator.

Read more…

June 26th 2019:  Dr. Mueller of the University of Massachusetts Medical School attended NF2 BioSolutions’s NF2 Gene Therapy 16-chris-mueller.jpgconsortium in Boston on March 29th. Being moved by the impact of NF2, Dr. Mueller decided to start a gene therapy pilot study to determine if his lab’s gene therapy platform could be a good candidate for tackling the NF2 mutation. The advantage of his platform is its ability to silence the mutated gene and then add a healthy one. Dr. Mueller, assisted by Dr. Karin Meijboom, will be financing the development of the gene therapy NF2 vector for the pilot. Once manufactured, it will be tested on NF2 in order to determine efficiency. NF2 BioSolutions will facilitate the collaboration between the NF2 experts and Dr. Mueller’s lab.

This is just the beginning, there is much more to come!!! We need your continuing support as we shine the spotlight on NF2. Our goal is to collaborate with several leading gene therapy labs and share findings as we go to increase our chances of finding a long term solution for NF2.

Take a look at the impressive Mueller lab (the site is not yet updated with his new NF2 focus).

March 29th 2019:  NF2 Gene Therapy Consortium

56403785_2297907090452213_2851512097295040512_oNF2 BioSolutions organized the first NF2 Gene Therapy Consortium where participated more than 40 biotech executives, researchers & clinicians from NF2 or leading Gene Therapy labs. Click here for more informations


Buy merchandise to support research

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 17.41.19To buy merchandise, click here to see all the choices of t-shirts, cups, magnets… Fifty % of sales go to NF2 BioSolutions.



Article on WebMD about Nicole Henwood, founder of NF2 BioSolutions

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 9.50.38


Mom Blazes Path to Cure for Son’s Rare Disease

Click here to read the article in WebMD about Dr Nicole Henwood, president of NF2 BioSolution.






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1 week ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Hello everybody!We are excited to share our second webinar held back in June 23rd, 2020 titled "Bacteriotherapy for NF2"Here you will hear from Dr. John Mekalanos from Harvard Medical School and Dr. Gary Brenner from Massachusetts General Hospital about how their labs are working with genetically modified bacteria to kill NF2 tumor cells and how you can support this exciting new project!We will continue sharing our past webinars, if you have any suggestions on topics you'd like to see in the future please share your ideas in the comments below.*Captions included in the video ... See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

NF2 BioSolutions
We've got some utterly amazing news out of New York, and it's all thanks to Stephanie Diaz, who ran the Long Island Half Marathon to support NF2 BioSolutions. Stephanie - the sister-in-law of NF2 fighter Kristina Diaz - also ran a fundraising campaign in support of us.Thank you, thank you and thank you again Stephanie! Your contribution's remembered and appreciated! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 weeks ago

NF2 BioSolutions
We've got some exciting news at NF2 BioSolutions we'd like to share; we have a new member on our Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Edgar Rodríguez-Lebrón, Ph.D. Dr. Rodríguez-Lebrón has over 18 years of experience in the use of Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors to deliver central nervous system genes, making him a welcome addition to our goal to #EndNF2 through gene therapies to address the disorder, which affects the brain, spinal cord and other nerves in the bodies of NF2 fighters around the world.Read more about Dr. Rodríguez-Lebrón at ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Our chapter in the United Kingdom - NF2 BioSolutions UK & Europe - has done an amazing job once again, as Joanne Ward and her sons Oscar and Dylan have stepped up at the Robin Hood Mini Marathon in the UK to raise awareness about a genetic disorder called NF2 and funds to support research into gene therapies to address it at its source. All in, £743.63 was raised - a resounding success!Speaking after the race, this is what Joanne had to say;"Oscar says its the hardest thing he's done with NF2. Dylan finished in 18 minutes, Oscar in 28 and I made it past the finish line in 29 minutes."Three cheers are well and truly in order for the Ward family! ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Hello everyone!We are excited to share with you the recording of the first webinar NF2 BioSolutions held that took place back on May 22nd, 2020.Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Edgar Rodríguez-Lebrón presents Gene Therapy 101 to give us a better understanding of how gene therapy works and what types of therapies are most promising for curing NF2. You will not want to miss this!*Including autogenerated captions ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Here's a hole-in-one we're grateful for, as we at NF2 BioSolutions would like to both thank and congratulate NF2 BioSolutions UK & Europe for the success of their inaugural NF2 BioSolutions UK & Europe charity golf day. Hosted by Pete Ward and the Erewash Valley Golf Club on Sept 15, 33 golfers took on an individual Stableford event with various prizes awarded. All in, 1900 GBP was raised towards supporting research into gene therapies to fight the brain and spinal cord tumors caused by NF2, and when it came to the after-game raffle, nine-year-old NF2 fighter Oscar Ward was the star seller with a grand total of 1345 tickets sold! Once again, we thank you, NF2 BioSolutions UK and Europe! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

NF2 BioSolutions
The following is an amazing bit of fun for a good cause from our UK and Europe chapter, NF2 BioSolutions UK & Europe---Who would like to join in the fun with our virtual balloon race?You have until midday BST on Sept 13 to get your balloon (s) - and each balloon costs just £3 (or just over USD$4)The race is on between September 13 and 19 and you can buy your balloon (s) at part wherever you are in the world, get the whole family involved and personalise your balloon to see if it will beat the others in the race! Have fun!! ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Here's some exciting news to start the week with! 59-year-old Andy White will be doing a 162-mile coast-to-coast walk that starts on Sept 21 to raise awareness about NF2 and raise funds for NF2 BioSolutions. Why? Well, as Andy says in his own words; "I’m Andy White. I’m 59. More importantly, I’ll be 60 in September 2021. To mark the occasion, I’m going to walk Coast-to-Coast in the UK along the classic Wainwright route to raise funds for research to find a cure for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2).In the middle of 2019, my amazing eldest daughter Rebecca, now 33, was diagnosed with NF2, which is a rare genetic disease. A faulty NF2 gene causes vestibular schwannomas - benign tumours that occur on the balance and hearing nerves. People with NF2 have an increased risk of other tumours of the nervous system that can lead to significant medical problems, especially if there are multiple tumours in or next to the brain. Whilst there are treatments to slow progression, there is no cure yet. The walk is to raise funds to help find that cure.About 1 in 40,000 people have NF2. Around 50% do not have any family history of the condition. They have a spontaneous mutation in the NF2 gene, which is the case for Rebecca. A goal of treatment is to preserve the person’s hearing for as long as possible. Surgery to remove tumours can be an option, whilst radiation therapy is sometimes used to shrink them. Rebecca has been lucky enough to receive Avastin, a chemotherapy drug used experimentally with NF2 that seems to stop tumour growth. It has kept Rebecca’s tumours stable - although not reduced them - for about a year now”We are grateful to Hudson Benelux who have agreed to be the corporate sponsor for Andy's Coast-to-Coast Walk For NF2. We will be sharing information about them in the next post.If you would like to donate to Andys fundraiser, the link ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Happy father day everyone !!! Let’s keep fighting for our kids ... See MoreSee Less
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4 months ago

NF2 BioSolutions
Below is a message from one of our Ambassadors from Germany, Vanessa Gurguta. She shares the latest about her struggle against NF2;"Hey dear onesNormally I do not speak up when an operation is due as I just don't know whether it would be interesting.However, after well over 20 operations, interventions and Avastin along with other therapies - the time has come and my options are almost at an end. The countless menignomas in and around my brain have somehow managed to wrap my brain over the years in such a way that neither blood nor cerebrospinal fluid can drain away and a shunt no longer works. Basically, there are too many tumors it is difficult to make a sieve for me. As it is, the pressure has reached critical levels and there are days where I'm temporarily blinded and unable to eat anything. Of course, there are also good days and I can make up for it by eating all day. When it comes to my treatment, my doctors have given me two options; the first is to remove the bones of my skull from my hairline up and leave everything free, while the second is to expand my skull's circumference. However, before this I have a procedure set for Monday. This procedure will be to examine the blood vessels in my brain to see where the blockages are exactly and it will be done by running a wire up from my groin to my brain. It will be done under local anesthesia and it is not without risk, as I could bleed to death or get a stroke from this. However, as I'm 27, the risks are not exceedingly high and my chances are good. If you'd like, and as long as I'm able to do so - I'll post updates! Hope everyone has a nice weekend ahead and do stay hydrated in the summer heat!"If you'd like to read more about Vanessa's story, it's shared at ... See MoreSee Less
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