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Periodically NF2 BioSolutions organizes webinars around topics relevant to NF2 with the help of world-renowned experts. Your contributions helps continue with this fight, please consider donating to further Gene Therapy by using the button below.


Vision Manifestations and Eye Treatments in NF2 – Tuesday, February 28th 2023


Our expert panel, including Dr. Gareth Evans, Dr. Ali Yagan, and Dr. Srilakshmi Sharma, will provide you with the latest information on how to manage and monitor your vision.


Radiotherapy for Neurofibromatosis Type 2 – Friday, October 21st 2022


Hear from the experts in Radiotherapy and NF2 regarding the protocol, the risks, future improvements in the technique, and much more.


Surgical Management of NF2 Tumors: Experts panel discussion with Q&A – Feb 28, 2021

Join NF2 BioSolutions and our esteemed panel of surgeons as we discuss the surgical management of NF2 tumors, including schwannomas, ependymomas, and meningiomas.


Understanding NF2: Diagnosis, Management, and Challenges – July 14th, 2020

Understanding NF2: Diagnosis, Management, and Challenges
CereXis and NF2 BioSolutions invite you to learn about NF2 from experts. Our panelists include Dr. D. Bradley Welling, Chief of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, and Prof D Gareth Evans, Professor of Med. Genetics and Cancer Epidemiology, The University of Manchester, UK.

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