How can you raise donations?

The math is simple, if we have 100 families or teams that raise on average $10,000, we will have the $1 million needed to jump start the gene therapy project on Schwanommas.  Then, other investors, labs, or companies will jump in and fund it since we reduced the initial investment risk.

How you can raise funds on social media?


Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook donations

Create your own Facebook donation campaign, and post on your Facebook wall with your own fundraiser goal. Go here for instructions on how to set it up.

It is great when you celebrate any milestones to leverage your Facebook network to donate to help NF2 BioSolutions continue the search for a cure.

Here are the countries that support the Facebook fundraiser button feature, allowing people to donate through Facebook.

It is your birthday?

It is easy to fundraise, just click on 

Find items to auction and create an auction on Facebook

Here is a simple How-to video where Chantelle Nobis explains how she created her auction on Facebook and raise funds. Do not hesitate to contact Chantelle at

Donorbox Fundraisers

Create your own campaign with your own goals in your own country’s currency. The donations will go directly to NBS. Here is a real example.  Contact Gil at to create your donation page, with your personal text, photo, and local currency.

You will have a special link like “https//” that you can share anywhere, on your LinkedIn, by email, or on other social media.

People’s Fundraising (UK Only)

Fundraising is vital so we can continue our research and give hope to those affected by NF2 and their families.
Our fundraising platform has loads of different ways you can fundraise, check it out today! If you can’t find what you are looking for or need help setting up then drop us a message or email.

Read more here.

Kohl’s Volunteer Program

For US local events we have an amazing opportunity! Kohls employees volunteer for an eligible non-profit and for every employee that volunteers Kohls donates $25 for every hour that employee is at the event (for example: if two employees volunteer or participate in an event that lasts 2 hours, Kohls will donate $100… $25 an hour per person).

More information here.

Fundraising Ideas

Superbowl Fundraiser

See how to raise money during the Superbowl with the Superbowl square game. Click here

This is a fun and easy way to raise money for saving NF2 patients.

NF2 awareness on History Channel: Counting Cars Charity Car Auction

Thanks to faithful supporter Lona Smith, who is raising awareness about NF2 on behalf of her eight-year-old daughter Sky, who was born an NF2 fighter. Sky’s story was featured on The History Channel’s “Counting Cars” at 10 pm EST this Wednesday!

Disney Run for NF2

Join Donald Duck as your fine feathered host for 13.1 miles of grit, determination, and fun. Meet some of your favorite Disney Characters along the way while enjoying moments that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. More information here.

Halloween Bash

The Halloween Bash is a celebration of life. It is an over-21 costume party featuring 2 live bands and several cocktails. This years theme is “prom gone wrong”. More information here.

Fall for a Cure 

There will be dinner, a DJ, and a silent auction featuring sporting events, gift baskets, vacation packages, and more! .Dress code: business casual. Please wear grey and/or turquoise to support brain tumor and NF2 awareness. More information here.

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the NF2 BioSolutions UK 2023 Fundraising Challenge

What are the fees for each fundraising platform?

We created a summary of how each fundraising platform works and the mediators they use to get to our bank (Mercury Bank).

*Marked in green are the most recommended platforms as they are the ones with fewer fees.

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