A.J., now 7, was diagnosed at the age age of 6 with NF2.  He currently has tumors on both of his hearing nerves (vestibular schwannomas) that will likely cause hearing loss and balance problems. He has a meningioma brain tumor in his cavernous sinus, a very dangerous location, and several small tumors in his lower spine. He also has small tumors in both of his eyes, called hamartomas, which could cause vision loss. Luckily he does not have symptoms from these tumors yet, but over time they will likely cause deafness, paralysis, and vision loss unless we find a cure or an effective treatment for NF2.

A.J. has always had a grand personality that overshadows his physical size. One look into his sparkling blue eyes can melt anyone’s heart. He never stops smiling and always finds a way to make everyone around him laugh. He has a huge heart and loves his family, friends, and pets. His kindness even draws animals to him, and he even rescued a stray dog who followed him home. A.J. loves his two dogs, two turtles, and four chickens with all his heart. He even adored his pet slug, lovingly named “Mr. Slug”.

A.J. loves playing baseball, skiing, horseback riding, and playing Mario Brothers. He is a bright student and loves to read and collect baseball cards.

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