Avastin Diary 8 – Vimto, Ice Cream and 7th Treatment

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15th June 2023

It sure is a hot one this week! We had run out of numbing cream, and I had forgotten to collect some at our last infusion so I spent a couple of days chasing Sam and Carly to see if they can get me some. Sam has done a GP prescription for me so I need to collect it from there, apparently, we should be able to get that on repeat prescription, so I need to investigate that.

There was a small mix up with communication that Oscar had bloods done at school, so we had a couple of messages saying they were doing it at home, when in fact they were doing it at school as usual during term time.

Carly also dropped off some more EMLA cream too so when I also picked the prescription up from the doctors, it meant we had a good supply for the next few weeks.

We arrived at oncology and nurse Anna and nurse Emma were both on this week.

Emma did the usual stats BP, temperature, pulse, & weight plus urine and mentioned that play therapist Shaz was not on duty today but there was another play therapist on the ward to help with cannulation.

The doctor came to see us for a chat, checked Oscar’s mouth and breathing and I mentioned that Oscar was taking hayfever tablets as the high pollen had been affecting him (I had remembered to take a pic that morning of the brand so she wrote down the info in his records). She mentioned that all Oscar’s bloods had been looking great this week with no problems.

When it was time for cannulation the play specialist wasn’t available so Emma gladly stepped in to read Where’s Wally while the doctor put the cannula in. It took 2 attempts today and ended up being in his hand – no blood in inner arm today! … this seems to change like the wind!

[Image Description] Where’s Wally Now book by Martin Handford

Infusion started at 2.40pm

Making sure Oscar is drinking lots especially in the hot weather and today’s choice was sparkling Vimto. We were eating our croissants & unexpectedly Oscar’s last baby tooth fell out & they gave me a little bag to save it for the tooth fairy!

[Image Description] Vimto sparkling soda can – yummy!

It was so hot today that on the way out at 4pm we called at the hospital shop for ice cream on the way home then waited for the bus.

[Image Description] Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream pot – tasty!

Review of Hand warmers from Amazon (see pic below)

We got the individual handwarmers form Amazon and they seems to be really good, but can get very hot. But we like these and will continue to use them when needed (ie not when its 27 degrees Celsius outside!). We were not offered a hot water hand bathe so these are a good alternative with gloves.

[Image Description] HotHands Hand Warmers packaging from Amazon

NB – Instead of having a cannula at every visit you can ask about having a port line – I explained this on the 1st blog

NB – If your little person does not like needles etc you can have numbing cream (EMLA) or spray which numbs the area before they insert the cannula

One of the side effects that many told us about is tiredness and fatigue after treatment. Oscar wasn’t particularly affected by this, but its something we will look out for in future.

Next time –Avastin no. 8 – Hoping for another smooth week!


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