NF Young Adults International Summit 2023


On the 30th of July NF2 BioSolutions UK teamed up with the Littlest Tumor Foundation and the Childhood Tumour Trust to host The NF Young Adult International Summit 2023.

The event was held online this year and was a great success! The purpose of this event is to empower, inspire, and motivate young adults with NF. There was a panel of inspirational speakers telling their amazing stories of advocating for themselves and overcoming the difficulties of life with NF.

We had a segment on mental health tips and self care, along with a fantastic motivational speaker to wrap the conference up. The feedback from all who attended was really positive and most importantly Impowered, Inspired, and Motivated young adults from all around the world!

Look out for info coming soon for the NF Young Adult International Summit 2024!

As always, NF is not your weakness, it’s your strength.

— Olivia Goddard (NF2 BioSolutions Youth Ambassador)


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