Sustainers Circle

At NF2 Biosolutions, we are launching a Sustainers Circle and we will be thrilled to welcome you as an inaugural member. We consider Sustainers Circle members our “inner circle” – the people we can count on to support the organization and never stop fighting to find a cure.

To be a member of the Sustainers Circle, donors need to make a monthly or quarterly donation, of any amount, to NF2 Biosolutions. You can donate on the form here at the bottom of the page.

We hope that this new initiative will improve our engagement with and connection to our donors, and we would appreciate your feedback in this regard. Monthly donations are so important to the sustainability of our organization and our ability to find a cure for NF2.  Your donations support our ongoing research for NF2 gene therapy and replacement, as well as funding new initiatives, such as the NF2 BioBank, and other ongoing expenses of the organization.

Here is our latest research update:

As a member of our inner circle, you will be at the forefront of all information on our newest enterprises and success stories.  You will receive regular communication by way of newsletters and emails. I will be your main point of contact, so feel free to reach out at any time, and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

Again, thank you for being one of our most loyal donors, and welcome to the NF2 Biosolutions Sustainers Circle! Your commitment to NF2 Biosolutions has been a cornerstone in our fight, and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Kind regards, Terri Rausch, NF2 BioSolutions Board Member, Email:

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