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For researchers and labs: OPEN NF2

Project Open NF2 will define a new accelerated model for increasing “real-time”collaborative research to empower discovery of improved treatments for children diagnosed with NF2 across a data driven clinical trial and basic research ecosystem.

You, as a researcher, need access to NF2 Tissues, Cell lines or Data for your research? Please fill your request here


  1. In collaboration with Children Brain Tumor Network (CBTN) and NF2 BioSolutions, we aim at developing a centralized community supporting the world’s existing and new NF2 data in platforms that bring together people and resources including, foundation’s, patients, researchers and clinicians within translational research to accelerate discovery.
    1. Increase human, financial, and scientific resources on behalf of NF2
    2. Reduce duplication of efforts with limited models and resources
  2. Empower near real-time translation of discovery for clinical impact
  3. Increase pharmaceutical engagement in DIPG research
  4. Increase commercial engagement of research


  1. Generate new genomic and molecular NF2 multimodal data types for primary analysis
  2. Centralize all current international genomic NF2 data for secondary analysis 
  3. Integrate the new NF2 data for primary analysis with the centralized current NF2 data to analyze for discovery
  4. Standardize the NF2 datasets for analysis across non NF2 genomic and clinical data sets
  5. Create mechanisms to sustain the ongoing centralization, reuse, and integration  of international genomic data from research and clinical trials 
  6. Recruit existing and NF2 scientists, bioinformaticians, data scientists, clinicians, researchers and new talent from the other fields to analyze the NF2  genomic data 


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