Webinar: NF2 Bio Bank, You can advance NF2 research


NF2 Bio Bank: You can advance NF2 research by donating tumor tissue – Oct 24, 2020 . Watch the video.

Donate your tumor.
Learn about the importance of donating your skin tissue, blood, saliva and tumors to the NF2 Bio-Bank and how it can benefit ALL of us!  Watch the recording.
For more information about the NF2 Bio-Bank that NF2 BioSolutions launched in collaboration with CBTN (Children Brain Tumor Network) at CHOP (Children Hospital of Philadelphia), click here.

When: Oct 24, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern time (US and Canada) – 16:00 London time

On the left, Nolan (15) has a peripheral schwannoma removed. On the right, Karen (13) has skin plexiform schwannoma removed from the foot. With these fresh tissues, the NF2 Biobank can culture the tumor cells and send them to labs so they can test their therapy on it. We need more tissues, please let us know if you have peripheral, skin or internal tumors to remove.

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