Webinar: NF2 Research in UK


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We are delighted to announce our first ever NF2 showcase webinar in partnership with One Nucleus on Friday February 4th 2022 at 12noon (GMT). This webinar time is convenient for Europe timezone. It will be recorded and shared on Facebook and Youtube NF2 BioSolutions channel.
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NF2 BioSolutions UK CEO Clare Goddard and One Nucleus CEO Tony Jones present and invite you to our showcase featuring charity trustee and world-renowned NF2 expert Prof. Gareth Evans. Then listen to our 2 NF2 PhD researchers Grace and Adam on their NF2 tumour inflammation work, followed by major fundraiser Andy White and his motivation for raising funds and awareness to help end NF2.

NF2 BioSolutions 02.04.22.transcript
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