How to create your Facebook Donation Campaign

From your desktop :

  1. In your browser go to  then sign into your facebook account if needed.
  2. Click on “raise money” buttonScreen Shot 2018-11-22 at 9.42.49.png
  3. Search/select “NF2 BioSolutions”Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 9.42.33
  4. Put you goal money, end date, add a title of your fundraiser, for example your birthday , pick a photo etc…
  5. All set!

Or from your mobile phone:

Step 1: From your facebook phone app, in the search box, search for the word “fundraiser”  , then click on “Fundraisers” as seen on the screenshot below:


Step 2: Select “Create” on the top right of the screen. If it doesn’t appear then you are in country where Facebook Donation is not supported.


Step 3: Select “Nonprofit”


Step 4: Search for NF2 BioSolutions and select it:


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