Ice Cream Social Event Fundraiser

by Terri Rausch (For any questions, contact Terri at

A social event for friends, family, people impacted with NF to gather, eat ice cream, network and have fun.  I do this by donation only, set out a box and people throw in cash or checks.  Sometimes a guest will throw in a $5 bill as their donation. But often, I get very large amounts written in a check from guests who know it is more than just payment for the ice cream but a fundraiser for a good cause.  Either way, I am happy to have them enjoying themselves and learning about NF2.

Donations – The idea is to get all of your supplies (or as many as possible) for free so that you can have more profit for NF2 Biosolutions.  Whatever we cannot get donated, Karl and I pay for out of our pocket.  But you wouldn’t have to do that if you are not able, you would just take it out of your proceeds.

Venue – I have hosted this event 6 years in a row with the venue being my back yard.  The pit fall here is that you never know about the weather.  In the 6 years I think we had rain 3-4 times.  The event then moves into my garage or even into the house.  I have thought about renting a shelter at a park and hosting it there.

Food – One year I had ice cream novelties donated.  Most years the local dairy gives me two 3-gallon tubs (1 vanilla and 1 chocolate) and I pre scoop them into paper cups with tops.  Then I offer toppings.  I usually get some pizzas donated and offer water and lemonade.  Sometimes I cut up a watermelon into wedges.

Activities – Most of the activity is the socializing.  But I usually try to get a bounce house donated for the day, set up the badminton net and have some other activities for the kids.

Day of Event – I host this like an Open House.  People come and go.  Scheduled on a weekend afternoon from 1:00 – 4:00.  It helps to get your neighbors to lend you their patio furniture or have other types of tables and chairs for people to relax.

Questions:  Feel free to ask me at

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