NF2 3D Volumetric Imaging Research

NF2 BioSolutions is inviting you to participate in a study with the purpose of developing automated 3D volumetric measurements of the NF2 vestibular schwannomas from the patients’ MRIs. This project was initiated and sponsored by NBS, thanks to the help of Dr. Frank Buono and an anonymous donor.

It is crucial for patients and doctors to know the accurate size and growth rate of the tumors in order to be able to decide the next step to follow, for example, « wait and see », surgery resection, radial surgery, Avastin, etc… The typical measurements that we receive in our MRI reports, are 2 axis dimensions (e.g 1.5cm x 2.1cm ) or 3 axes dimensions (e.g 1.5vm x 2cm x 1.3cm), which is not accurate enough and it could make you think that the tumor is stable when it is not, or the opposite. 

In order to be able to develop this automated measurement tool, we need to collect as many NF2 patients’ brain MRIs as we can. 

Please sign up here so we can collect your MRIs.

MRI images are acquired as ‘slices’ through the body, which can be assembled into a three-dimensional representation (volumetric). To illustrate this, below you will find a comparative image from a real patient that shows in red the volumetric measurements from 4/8/2021 contrasted to the areas yellow which show the growth observed on 5/16/2022. This represents approximately a 50.02% volumetric increase.


This data can be vital and can lead to timely interventions. Your participation is voluntary. You can refuse to participate or withdraw from this study at any time. If you decide to participate, you may still refuse to answer any questions that make you feel uncomfortable.

The researchers in this project are:

  • Dr. Daniel Wiznia, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Steven Tomassini, Research scientist
  • Dr. Frank Buono, Associate Research scientist

If you have any questions, please email the program coordinator at 


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