Avalon Invitational Offshore Fishing Tournament – Fish 4 a Cure

June 9th-18th: Fourth Annual Avalon Invitational Offshore Fishing Tournament

Stringer Format – the combined weight of largest 3 fish wins! Tuna/Swordfish/Mahi/Wahoo/Tile/Mako

$58,000 raised since inception!

All proceeds benefit NF2 Biosolutions. Weigh Station accessible by water just inside Townsends Inlet – Calcuttas pay 100%. All Entry Fees are made directly to NF2 Biosolutions, a 501C3 Charity. Email Kevindoc@gmail.com or text/call 484-347-1174 for details.

Q&A with Kevin Dougherty, the founder of Avalon Invitational Offshore Fishing Tournament, Fish 4 A Cure.

Q: What is your relationship with NF2?
Kevin: My connection to NF2 is AJ Henwood, son of Nicole and Andrew Henwood, the founders of NF2 BioSolutions. I have known both Andy and Nicole since a very young age and Andy is among my closest life-long friends. I consider him family and my connection to this cause direct.

Q: Tell me about your fundraiser.
Kevin: The Avalon Invitational Charity Tuna Tournament is an annual offshore fishing tournament featuring 30 boats (and growing), 13 sponsors, and countless donors. Contestants target ‘big game’ fish such as Tuna, Wahoo, Swordfish and Mako Sharks during a 2-week long period to see who can catch the heaviest 3 fish combined.

Q: Exciting! How does the tournament raise money?
Kevin:  Fundraising comes from the contestants themselves who pay an entry fee, sponsors who support our cause with cash, services, & merchandise, proceeds from tournament t-shirt sales, and the generosity of people in and around the sport of Saltwater fishing. In 2020, the tournament raised $20,000 for NF2 bringing the combined two-year total to $28,000. In the 2nd year of fundraising, all entry fees and donations went directly to NF2 which solved a lot of the administrative burden that existed for me in the first year.

Q: This sounds like a lot of work! Tell us about the commitment. 
Kevin: I am still able to drive the fundraiser primarily on my own with some help from NF2 BioSolutions folks like Gilles Atlan and Nicole Henwood. While the time commitment is still significant, it is important to me to contribute to Andy, Nicole & AJ’s cause in a meaningful way. It is the generosity of friends and sponsors that inspires me to keep it going annually. As a quick anecdote and to show the power of the human connection, there was a sponsor this year who approached me with his own personal connection to NF, introduced me to his own life-long friends whose son has NF, and further solidified that this isn’t all that rare and we need to keep fishing for a cure!   

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?
Kevin:  The sponsors and donors need to be thanked. While I was inspired in the first year, I was overwhelmed in the second year with donations and sponsorships more than doubling year-over-year! My sponsors are primarily “shop local” types of businesses, but for anyone who wants to support or thank them for their contributions, I have listed their website contact page link or email address below. I am sure they’d love hearing from you all even if it is just to say thanks for supporting the tournament.

Event Sponsors:

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