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We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind and generous donation to NF2 Biosolutions.  Fighting NF2 is near and dear to our hearts, and we want to share with you some exciting news thus far. 

Here at NF2 BioSolutions, our goal is to find a meaningful treatment or cure for NF2 through the use of gene therapy and other cutting-edge techniques. Your generous donation will go a long way toward helping us end NF2.  Here is a quick summary of our three current initiatives on the research front. 

 Thanks to the March 2019 NF2 Gene Therapy Consortium in Boston, where we invited 45 researchers (roughly half from NF2 clinic and research side and half from the best known gene therapy labs and biotech companies), we successfully jump started two gene therapy labs and they have begun working on NF2. These two labs each have a different approach, as described below.

  1. Gene Therapy Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital: The Meyer lab will use a gene addition approach (adding a healthy NF2 gene) to potentially stop or slow tumor growth and help prevent new tumors from forming. We signed a sponsored research agreement where we fund two lab researchers for two years with payments based on milestones of progress. 
  2. The Mueller Lab at the University of Massachusetts: They will use a silence and replace gene therapy approach, which is characterized by first shutting down the mutated (bad) NF2 gene and then adding in a healthy copy. They have been using this platform with success in other genetic diseases. NF2 BioSolutions will sponsor the NF2 vector design and manufacturing and will fund the NF2 mouse model work in external labs once the vector is ready. We are planning to collaborate with other NF organizations for funding for funding additional stages of this project. 
  3. In addition to these two labs, we are collaborating with Dr. Gary Brenner’s research lab at The Massachusetts General Hospital. He is using the suicide gene approach to directly inject into and destroy existing Schwannomas. 

On behalf of the entire team and all those affected by NF2 we thank you again for your generosity. For up to date information go to and our website homepage to sign up for our newsletter. Please continue to  help share and spread the word about NF2 and NF2 BioSolutions. 

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact Gilles Atlan at 

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