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We envision a world where those living with (a rare disease) will live full and productive lives, free from daily physical and emotional pain or suffering.
1 in 10 people today are living with a rare disease (that is 780 million people world-wide)! Every treatment that is developed helps to pave the way for other treatments. Many cancers and benign tumors show mutations in the NF2 gene.

Who We are?

NF2 BioSolutions – Founded in mid-2018, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization that seeks a cure for NF2 by vigorously supporting and advancing existing and next generation biomedical technologies, such as gene therapy and immunotherapy. We do this by collaborating with three world-renown labs to accelerate gene therapy research for NF2.

What is Axe Out NF2?

A Campaign to raise $100,000 to fund one of the three research laboratories NF2 BioSolutions supports – the Brenner Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital. The specific research is the Tumor-targeting bacteria approach – Our newest approach toward fighting NF2.

Watch here our webinar with Dr Brenner and Dr Mekalanos talking about this approachImage from iOS (11)

At Harvard Medical School/ Mass General Hospital, Boston, NF2 BioSolutions is working with Dr. John Mekalanos’s lab and Dr Brenner’s lab. A genetically modified bacteria is introduced intratumorally to kill the NF2 tumor cells via several mechanisms including direct killing, inducing an anti-tumor immune response – immunotherapy – and inhibiting blood vessel formation. It has been shown to work in Brenner’s lab on NF2 mice. Together, Dr Brenner and Dr Mekalanos (world known bacteria researcher) will be working at optimizing the bacteria to be a more  effective tumor killer machine. Bacterial cancer therapy has been proven safe and well tolerated in multiple clinical trials. For example it is the treatment of choice for treating bladder cancer in a non-invasive manner, and it has a 50% cure rate. Trials on mice have proven its efficacy. Work is in progress to genetically modify the bacteria.

This research funding will lead to the ability to submit an IND (Investigative New Drug) application with the FDA.

Our Goal is to raise $100,000 by August 2020 to accelerate the Tumor-targeting bacteria approach at the Brenner Lab and accelerate our efforts to find a cure for NF2.

A Two-Step Process:
1) Axe Challenge Match – $50,000
Seeking major philanthropic investments from a few donors to establish and fund a $50,000 challenge matching gift. This would allow every gift given to this campaign – up to $50,000- to be matched dollar-for-dollar. Thereby these major gifts doubled in their $ value and their impact!

2) *220 for $220
Seeking 220 donors to make gifts of $220 to meet the $50,000 challenge match. Thereby, each $220 gift is doubled and results in a $440 gift to fund this important initiative.

* Why 220? — The NF2 Gene is chromosome #22

How – You can make this vision a reality (call to action).

1) Be an ambassador for NF2 BioSolutions and our Axe Out NF2 campaign – share this important initiative with your family and friends.
2) Make a gift to the Axe Out NF2 Campaign (Donate Button).
3) Connect us directly with others whom you think would be good ambassadors and potential investors in Axe Out NF2.


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