Hello from St. Louis!

We are Kate and Terry Wade, parents to Izzy (12), who has NF2, and her 2 amazing supportive younger sisters Claire and Jane. Izzy was diagnosed with retinal tumors at 2 months of age, but we didn’t learn of her NF2 diagnosis until she was nearly 4 years old. Like so many with NF2, she has battled through countless appointments, MRIs, and surgeries and is constantly worried about her next hurdle. While Izzy has been blessed with some truly wonderful and amazing physicians, nurses, and therapists the rarity of the disease has always left us feeling like it was us against the world.
This is why we are beyond excited to have found NF2 BioSolutions! An organization of families strugglingly with the same fears, same tough decisions, and same dreams. The proactive, results-driven focus of this organization has given us real hope for Izzy’s future and we are
thrilled to have found a home with this amazing group!

If we can help in any way, please reach out to either Kate or Terry via email:

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