Terri Rausch, Farmington Hills, MIterrirausch@yahoo.com
IMG_2246My son, Avery and I have NF2.  I was diagnosed in 2006; Avery in 2007.  Once I got past the initial shock of the diagnosis and the scare of my surgery, I began to realize that my and my son’s NF2 case was very mild compared to others in our NF community.  Since my surgery I was determined to use my energy to learn and advance knowledge of this disorder to whomever I could. I learned about NF2 Biosolutions and I knew I had to help out this very meaningful effort, to advance a cure for NF2 through gene therapy.  I am excited to be an Ambassador for Michigan for NF2 BioSolutions and to meet others willing to join me in raising awareness and funds for this cause.
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