Stephanie Ham and Lauren Hanrahan

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Lauren Hanrahan, was diagnosed this past year with NF2. When she had announced her diagnosis to all the staff at our school, Stephanie’s  heart felt for her. When she went on to say that if she loses her hearing altogether, she hopes that the last sound she hears is that of her babies – Stephanie knew she needed to do something.

Since then, Lauren and Stephanie have had so many people and local business step up to raise funding for NF2 BioSolutions. One idea has led to another and we have interviewed with local new stations, newspapers, and are now working on making NF2 BioSolutions a charity in the January 11th runDisney Marathon Weekend.

we are feeling very blessed giving our time and heart to a nonprofit that we know is made up of beautiful people who just simply want a cure for their loved ones.  We continued to feel the drive to do more and look forward to seeing what other ways we can contribute to what we believe in.

We are one world and we should all work together as such. That is my hope for this cause.

If you live in Florida, please join the fight with us, contact us and let’s change the future of the patients touched by this horrible disease.

lauren@nf2biosolutions.org and Stephanie@nf2biosolutions.org

Thank you!
Stephanie & Lauren



Christina Menkemeller


My name is Christina and I was diagnosed with NF2 in 2016 at the age of 23. I am originally from TX, but currently live in Orlando, FL with my wonderful husband and sweet pup. I am so excited to represent NF2 BioSolutions in Florida! If you have any
questions or are interested in getting involved with our organisation, please feel free to email me at: christina@nf2biosolutions.org


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