Pooja Khelani

IMG_20200525_184248I am fighting to raise awareness about NF2 to common people because I want them understand what NF2 is and how it has affected me.
It’s been a five years long journey for me with NF2.I was diagnosed with NF2 when I was just 21 and working with a multinational Bank as Finance Analyst when my balance and hearing started going worst.Where music and dancing was my life.And hearing was only way to survive in financial market.
In 2016, I went through VS tumor removal surgery on left ear as tumor was growing and came out completely deaf on left side. Also had facial palsy and difficulty while eating food. It used get choked many times. But due to physiotherapy and my stuborness I came out of it.
Later in 2018 as my right side tumor started growing ,I had to take the Sterio type Radio Surgery on right side to stop the tumor growth but  within few months I completely lost hearing and I am completely deaf now. Now my facial palsy has almost gone ,but tinnitus are continuously getting louder, than anyone could ever imagine. Daily dealing with it, As it doesn’t have any cure. No one should experience the pain what NF2 causes.
I support Nf2 Biosolutions as they are helping us to find the cure for the rare disease NF2. I never want the future generations to face the pain I have been facing.
I need cure where NF2 Biosolutions have emerged with an hope to people with NF2 like us.Therefore,  I support NF2 Biosolutions.
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