About Us

About NF2 BioSolutions:

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 9.50.38Founded on June 1, 2018 by Nicole Henwood, M.D, and mother of A.J. with NF2. NF2 BioSolutions, actively developed since September 2018,  is a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit organization dedicated to finding an effective treatment or cure for NF2 through the use of gene therapy and immunotherapy. Our core team is composed of people who have been directly affected by NF2 through personal or family experience. This connection is the motivating factor that drives us passionately forward in our search for a cure. We are always looking to add to our group of volunteers so please contact us see how you can take action.

Until recently, most rare diseases were neglected by the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past decade, government incentives and scientific advances have led to an increased interest in rare diseases. We are building on this momentum to effect change in the therapy options for NF2 patients. In addition to funding research, we aim to raise awareness of NF2 and all rare diseases.

Our Approach:

We at NF2 BioSolutions act as patient advocates by bringing the smartest minds in various research fields together. We raise funds and direct them to researchers who we feel have strategies to bring NF2 to an end. We have two main courses of action when it comes to gene therapy for NF2.  The first is to use a viral vector to introduce a “suicide” gene into tumor cells. Once this gene is incorporated into tumor cells, it induces the cell to die, a process called apoptosis.  The second approach is to introduce a new and functional copy of the NF2 gene which encodes for the protein Merlin. We are actively pursuing both of these pathways.

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