Work-Life Balance with NF2 (Kim)

When I left school I studied child development, I met with a careers advisor who told me to be a nurse I’d need to go to university. Straight away I said I wasn’t good enough for uni & that was that.

Fast forward 15 years & NF2 showed me, my strength & resilience & I decided life was too short not to at least try.

Turns out I was good enough, after gaining a 1st class degree, I stepped into my 1st nursing job at Addenbrookes hospital in September 2020 as a Neuro Nurse.

I love my job, changing my career was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most amazing.

I work on a busy neuro ward, we care for neurosurgical & neurology patients. I love that every day is different, I’m constantly learning and that I get to have a positive impact on individuals who are going through some of the hardest times of their lives.

I have the most supportive manager & colleagues who all know I have NF2. My manager has allowed me to adjust my shift patterns more than once as my chronic pain & fatigue became too much for the 13 hr shifts. I find my hearing can cause difficulties at times, I’m completely deaf in my right ear & wearing face masks has been a massive barrier to communication. But whether its colleagues, patients or their relatives the majority have been incredibly understanding.

I now have a much better work life balance. Its a difficult balance, but so important to try & achieve it. I’ve learnt the hard way that I can’t look after my patients if I don’t look after myself 1st.

– Kim


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