Inca Trail Fundraising Adventure (Pete Ward)

Pete hiked the Inca Trail to raise funds for NF2 BioSolutions UK! He has already raised £7600 as of the start of June and Pete’s fundraising page is open for donations until the 30th June 2022. Here is how his adventure panned out….


Day 1 of my Inca Trail adventure was a nice breaking in day, with a steady but challenging trek.

We started off at 8am (after waking at 3am for a 2.5 hour coach journey to start point) and finished off at 5.00pm with a beer and a view. No more beer after this point until the finish.

It was early to bed for a 4.00am wake up call for a very challenging Day 2.

Day 2 of my Inca Trail Trek.

Early morning start again up at 4am and on the way by 6am.

Today was 1200M climb to the top of Dead Woman’s Pass, no sun today plenty of mist, then around lunch lots of rain. After lunch a 600M descent at a faster pace than anticipated to get to camp before nightfall.

Day 3 – After completing what we thought was the hardest day Eleni Delis Readman informed us all that day 3 would be a 12 hour trek with an even earlier start than day 2. After a very cold few hours sleep we were off again. However, though it was a long day the sighting of a pair of Condors made it all worth while. Also got to see some wild Llamas.

Day 4 – 2am wake up call, out of camp at 3.00am with a breakfast box in hand, 5 minute hike then sit for 2 hours waiting at the gate to carry on, at least we were at the front! 5am gate opens we virtually first through on our way to the sun gate and our first view of Machu Picchu. Narrow paths most of the way which the young Americans weren’t happy about as someone must of told them that the sun gate was not going to be there if they didn’t race past everybody else! Not sure if they even noticed the views. After a short couple of hours trek we arrived at the sun gate, which was still there, and time for photos before descending down for more photos and a tour before finally getting back to the celebration drinks!


There’s still time to support Pete’s fundraising effort! Head over to his fundraising page to donate. Well done Pete!!!

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