Are you NF2 Aware? Get yourself selfie ready with our downloadable poster and SNAP! Send us your pictures or videos like this one!

We have created a poster that you can print off, we would like everyone to get involved, take a selfie with the poster, or get someone else to take a photo of you and send it to us or post it onto your timeline (tag us please!)

Or you can make a video saying, “I AM NF2 AWARE, ARE YOU?” (if possible, please add subtitles, but we can do that with a nifty little app for you). Or you can use BSL and sign “I AM NF2 AWARE ARE YOU”.

So who do we want to see?

Well you can get EVERYONE involved, groups/individuals/pets (hearing dogs!!) or whatever if you are an NF2er, an NF2 family, get a group together ….. MUM, DAD, SISTER, BROTHER, AUNTS, UNCLES, GRANDPARENTS, THE DOG AND THE CAT, THE NEIGHBOURS, ALL YOUR WORK COLLEAGUES, FRIENDS & MATES ….. ANYONE YOU CAN THINK OF!!

Simple! …. hold the sign up, snap a picture, send it to us at joanne@nf2biosolutions.org (or through our social medias, text, messenger, whatever is easiest) that’s all you have to do!

To download the poster: click here OR email Jo at joanne@nf2biosolutions.org and I will send you an email copy.

Worried about print costs? Print in black and white or just open it up on your phone!


This blog has been created as a way to share stories, ideas, positivity and even sprinkle in some science. Everyone is welcome here and warmly encouraged to join us in contributing to our community through this blog. If you would like to add anything (anything at all!) then please contact myself, Grace Gregory, at grace@nf2biosolutions.org and we can pop it up on our blog. Watch this space and please join in helping us all connect and share with one another!

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