NF2 BioSolutions UK does Machu Picchu!

Peter Ward is taking on Dream Challenges’ The Inca Trail Trek in May 2022

Discovering the world-famous Inca Trail on a mind-blowing trek to Machu Picchu.

“This adventure gives a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse myself in the fascinating history of the Incas, and explore the ruins of their sacred sites, nestled in stunning South American scenery.

The trek takes us deep into the misty mountains of Peru, alongside rivers in vast valleys and up through forests, bursting with an incredible range of flora. We’ll tackle an awesome diversity of terrains, from high desert plateau to tropical Andean rainforest.

Covering a phenomenal 43km, our climbs will push us to the peak and reward us with panoramas across lush green valleys and sprawling citadels.”

Peter’s Wife, Jo, and his son, Oscar aged 10 both have NF2 and Peter is raising funds to advance our research at Manchester University & the Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre so we can improve NF2 treatments.

Training has already started with a tough schedule, the kit list is about a mile long, but its been on the bucket list for ages and the Dream Challenge team are amazingly experienced at these sort of things.

Pete will be sending lots of pictures and updates from his trek

If you would like to donate, Pete’s fundraising link can be found by clicking here.

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