Laurel is a bright, creative, and vibrant 13 year old in California.  She loves to play softball, play minecraft & roblox, draw, read, and spend time with her friends.  Minecraft Youtubers & Taylor Swift are her favorites and she talks of being a professional writer someday.
Unless NF2 changes those plans.
When Laurel was 10, she was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2.  She has had some skin findings since infancy that were passed off as birth marks.  It wasn’t until a growth on her nose prompted a CT scan and doctors found a 2.5cm tumor on Laurel’s cervical spine.  We will never forget the call that came in.  Our precious daughter had a growth and they needed to admit her for a full spine and brain MRI immediately.  That weekend changed our lives.  After her brain MRI, doctors identified 2 tumors on Laurel’s vestibular nerves, signature growths for NF2, and she was diagnosed.  Blood tests confirmed not long after.
Now Laurel’s new normal includes MRIs every 6 months and follow-ups with a neurologist, neuro oncologist, neuro ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, plastic surgeon, and any others that might be consulted on demand.  In April 2018, Laurel’s spinal tumor was removed successfully at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  In 2020, Laurel’s vocal chords paralyzed due to a large tumor down her neck.  Doctors are closely watching the growths on her cranial nerves with an early intervention possible on one side but not the other.  With each MRI, we wait to find whatever new growths threatens her body.
The thought of watching this beautiful, vibrant girl slowly lose her hearing and abilities is devastating.  She deserves a future full of promise, free of pain, free of the fear of what could happen.  NF2 BioSolutions is driven by the tenacity of parents who know no greater love than that for their child and will passionately fight for their well-being.  We have dedicated our efforts to NF2 BioSolutions because we believe there could be a different future for those who fight NF2 every day.

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